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Combat Scars- 2 Tone IWB (Standard Ride Hight)

Regular price $ 69.99

The Combat Scars 2 Tone IWB Holster is just like our original 2  Tone IWB holster but it has 3 hand carved scars on it, The scars have a rough look compared with the rest of the holster and they expose the bottom layer of kydex giving it amazing contrast!

-Hand made Scars

-(IWB) Inside The Waist Band Holster.

-Injected molded Concealment Claw helps push the Pistol grip for better concealment.

-Made from 2 sheets of .06 and or .08 Kydex for Comfort and Durability (Some colors are only made in .08)

-Mold injected clip for Appendix or Strong side carry

-Add some extra color to your belt clip with your choice in colored eyelets

-Your Choice of our original or comfort cut under the barrel, The original cut having 2 retention screws and the comfort cut having typically one screw. (depending on the gun)-Comfortable so there is no excuse not to carry

-Easy to conceal

*Current Estimated lead time is 7-10 Days.